About P.E.

pe huddle

Portland based Physical Education(P.E.) is comprised of dance and performance artists keyon gaskin, Allie Hankins, Lucy Lee Yim and Takahiro Yamamoto. PE’s vision is to offer performance audiences, artists of all mediums, and curious individuals immersive methods of engaging with dance and performance.

PE acknowledges and scrutinizes the perceived illegibility and messiness of the performing body. PE organizes and hosts READING GROUPS, LECTURES, curated PERFORMANCES, AEROBICS/MOVEMENT classes, and straight-up sweat-it-out DANCE PARTIES.

PE’s motivation is to inspire critical dialogue between individuals of varying mediums or artistic practices (INCLUDING NO ARTISTIC PRACTICE), while deepening their connection to performance and their sense of embodiment.

PE is funded in part by the Precipice Fund, the Calligram Foundation/Allie Furlotti, and the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts


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